Nikita Mikhalkov Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Today famous Russian actor, film director and Oscar prize winner Nikita Mikhalkov celebrates 70th anniversary.  He is no new to the Eastern-European audience as noted film maker , who also starred in many of his own films, including At Home Among Strangers, A Slave of Love, and An Unfinished Piece for Player Piano. Mikhalkov has … More Nikita Mikhalkov Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Viennale 2016 – Vienna’s International Film Festival

The Viennale is Austria’s most important international film event. It takes place every October in beautiful cinemas in Vienna’s historic center, providing the festival with an international orientation and a distinctive urban flair. In its main program, the Viennale shows a carefully picked selection of new films from all over the globe as well as … More Viennale 2016 – Vienna’s International Film Festival

Chicago International Film Festival 2016.

The 52nd Chicago International Film Festival takes place October 13-27, 2016. Cinema/Chicago is the parent organization of the Chicago International Film Festival, North America’s oldest competitive film festival. Filmmaker and graphic artist Michael Kutza founded Cinema/Chicago in 1964 to provide an alternative to the commercial Hollywood movies that dominated the city’s theaters. The Festival opened … More Chicago International Film Festival 2016.

At the End of Summer – Watercolors by Kalina Toneva

At the End of Summer is a project by Absinthe Gallery – Sofia and talented Bulgarian painter Kalina Toneva. The exhibit’s goal is to invite visitors to dive into the enchanting magic of summer- warm,  pleasant and relaxed, just like Kalina herself. Summer vacation is what we wait and prepare for all year. It is … More At the End of Summer – Watercolors by Kalina Toneva

John Lennon

“When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” ― John Lennon “Ако правите нещо благородно и хубаво а никой не го оценява, не се натъжавайте. Изгрева на Слънцето всяка сутрин е красив … More John Lennon

Audrey Hepburn

She is an actress,  ballerina,  a fashion icon, philanthropist  and just simply adorable! Audrey Hepburn is Belgium-British, later on American film goddess, best know for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her film career starts with  Roman Holiday (1953), followed by Sabrina (1954), Funny face (1957),  Charade (1963), My Fair Lady (1964) and carries on … More Audrey Hepburn