Porto – Best European Destination 2017

porto 1. Porto, Portugal -European Best Destination for 2017

After a three weeks’ period of online voting, with 426,859 participant who made their choice and influenced the result, Porto was elected Best European Destination 2017 and won the prestigious title for third time. The survey was conducted by European Best Destinations. Travelers from 174 countries voted Porto in the first place in this competition. Milan, Gdansk, Athens, San Sebastian, Sozopol, Vienna, Stari Grad, Basel, Rotterdam, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Bonifacio and Wild Taiga are the next best destinations for a holiday or city-trip in 2017. Never has the choice of the winning city been so unanimous among travelers from all other the world. It’s time to learn some Portuguese! Tchau!

milan 2. Milan, Italy

gdansk 3. Gdansk, Poland

athens 4. Athens, Greece

san-sebastian 5. San Sebastian, Spain

sozopol 6. Sozopol, Bulgaria

vienna 7. Vienna, Austria

stari-grad 8. Stari Grad, Croatia

basel  9. Basel, Switzerland

madrid 10. Madrid, Spain

via: www.europeanbestdestinations.com


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