Organize Your Entryway with Pottery Barn


Hallways and entryways can benefit from decorative trunks or benches. Placing one of those pieces can provide a bit of extra decor or a place for guests to take a seat when they enter your home. This is an especially good idea if you have a shoes-off policy in your home; providing guests with a comfortable place to sit while they remove their footwear can help make the process a bit easier. If you have an entryway storage system in place, you can choose a bench without any additional storage, but if you need a little bit more room to stow scarves and hats near your front door, opting for a bench with storage compartments can be an efficient solution to your organization needs. For entryways that need even more storage, consider adding a row of storage hooks or a storage shelf above the bench or trunk to provide an easy place to hang bags or coats.







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