Perfume Impressions




Couple years ago, a friend of mine had the idea for a creative project inspired by the newest sent of a favorite perfume. The idea was for us to write and draw our inspiration from the femininity of the sent. For me watercolours  best illustrate feelings, poetry and  sent. At this time we were both so eager to work together on any thing, especially if involved our creative talents. A conversation with a regional Dior representative discouraged my friend and she quickly abandoned the project and moved on to the next one. However, last night I came across the new perfume campaign at Victoria’s Secret and I wanted to see who else followed that trend. A quick pinterest search lead me to those beautiful images, done by other artists. One of them is mine from that time, couple years ago. Stay inspired!

















dior flowers







home palms


PASTEL AND PASTEL – Creative Studio

home decor art


wedding invitations

party favors


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