Magic Christmas Cookies

heimweh1Beautiful and magical cookie still-lifes by the talented stylist Dietlind Wolf teamed up with photographer Julia Hoersh and food-stylist Hermann Rottmann. Details are very important here. Everything could be magical and fairy if it is presented stylishly. The background color palette varies between smokey lilac, deep burgundy and hazy raspberry, which makes the golden and silver accents stand out and add festivity.

colour concept + styling : dietlind wolf
food : hermann rottmann
in print : freundin issue 23/2010
it is time again, at least to choose the right ones for the christmasbakery..

kekse3 spritzgebaeckspritzgebaeck2kekse2 lebkuchen3lebkuchen2lebkuchenkekse2 muerbeteig4 muerbeteig3muerbeteig



pastel and pastel

PASTEL AND PASTEL – Creative Studio

home decor art


wedding invitations

party favors



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