Vintage Christmas Mood


This time the story is from my homeland. Nelly is a photo stylist and photographer based in Tarnovo, Bulgaria. I came across her fairy artworks just few days ago, while preparing an article in support of one hand-made fest. I was immediately astonished by the beauty and magic of her photographs. Instantly hooked and like a visual junky craved for more.  Quick FB search led me to the studio of  Nelly Vintage Home.  The blogger in me cannot stay still until I share with you and spread the joy and warmth streaming from those pictures as well as the authors of the artworks posing so charmingly for the still-lifes.

All photographs are published with the personal approval of Nelly, for which I am very grateful.

styling and photography: Nelly Vintage Home

ceramic props: Ekaterina Lachova

chocolate delights: Modica Artisan Chocolates

candles, masked  as sweet temptations 🙂 : Gancini

Ganciniнели 1нели 2

нели 3нели 4нели 6нели5нели7нели8нели9нели10нели11нели12нели13нели14


show pastel


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