Lavender Boho Luxe Wedding


boho luxe 1

We have a special feast for your eyes today: a bohemian wedding in lavender and  purple colous with  golden accents and a touch of luxury. Everything is not just stylish and harmonize well together, but each element has its meaning. The bride besides lace dress has lacy-like mandalas drawn on her hands, symbol of unity. I can recognize few crystals on the table, which are not just beautiful accents, but also have deep meaning. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace, while amethyst is one of the gemstones recommended to be carried in 2018 and is also is a believed to be protective against negativity.

invitations: adorn invitations

flowers from Babylon Flowers

images: Sephory Photography



boho luxe 2

boho luxe 3

boho luxe 4boho luxe 5boho luxe 6

boho luxe 7boho luxe 8boho luxe 11boho luxe 10boho luxe 9


wedding pastel

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