Across the Universe and Back in Vienna

Today I want to present you my newest find right here in the lovely 8-th district of Vienna.  “Across the Universe” is a new shared co-working place, that opened its doors just few months ago. It is a happy place for design, healing, yoga, workshops, innovative products and photography. Spread on 200 square-meters freshly renovated art deco rooms you can find a co-working-office with four tables, meeting room, gallery + showroom, yoga studio and healing room with massage table. In this little universe designers, startups, artist, therapists, yoga-teachers and everyone else fitting in can rent space. You can enjoy various workshops in relaxing atmosphere, experience shamanic drum journeys or  indulge yourself to some handmade artworks.


Christina Goebl, age 38, is a graphic and interior designer, shamanic practitioner, mother of two kids, who loves life, her family, traveling, everything beautiful & healing and the music of John Lennon

Christina Goebl
Mag. Sandra Renner Info


Agnes Waldstein
Andrea Altemüller
Andrea Kellinger
Irene La Manna
Maria Giulia di Piramo
Sawatou Mouratidou



Anissa Brauneis
Jochen Petz  Golden Light Temple
Oliver Gross
Sawatou Mouratidou
Stefan Loibner
Sue Ellis Saller



Sofie Strasser



Heidrun Henke
Jan Wellmann


massage & coaching

Martin Juch


Asagan Bücher
Sarafelli Lichtobjekte
Urban Karma


Cornelia Aurelia
Denisa Becker
Heidrun Henke Kinderyoga (tba)
Martina Bürgler
Natalia Aurora
Sandra Knöbl
Sissi Baumgartner  Treehut Yoga


Across the Universe 
Piaristengasse 18
A-1080 Wien
T: 33361511 996 34+
E: ta.8esrevinu@eciffo



universe 2

universe 3universe 4universe 5




Enjoy wonderful month of June in Vienna with some art classes:

sumemr drawing studio

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