Creative Ideas How a Mom Can Spend Father’s day

ден на бащатаwake up as late as you can

father's daycall  a friend to cook the master-plan for the day

02950d1e100be61886f7c5cf4ab588a7prepare all the healthy and unhealthy snacks without the need to explain

4a13720365db5b54789d0c05d3479a0edraw the girliest bath ever


catch up with your reading


48c6984043ef0849e5ea25e180c5d943enjoy  a day at the beach without chasing someone to rub sunscreen on


5b0538a1edba47ce63fdaadfb4d02e88 all the toys are for you today, so dont miss that opportunity


Pina Colada is always a good idea


they say all you do is shopping, so as long as you are accused you might as well …

victorycelebrate victory

relaxdon’t forget to relax – father’s day is only once a year


images: pinterest



Art at Wine O’Clock: Create your own sea decor art


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