Quotes: Roald Dahl

” Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it ” ~ Roald Dahl ” Тези, които не вярват във вълшебство, никога няма да го намерят “ ~ Роалд Дал Save Advertisements

Neverending Story – a Tale within the Tale

Every once in a blue moon a book captures the imagination, providing a portal into magical places unknown. So it was with The Neverending Story, a children’s fantasy novel by Michael Ende. The book became best-seller shortly after its release on September 1st, 1979. Neverending story is a Tale within a tale. It tells the … More Neverending Story – a Tale within the Tale

Quotes: Gianni Rodari

“It’s difficult to do difficult things: To talk to a deaf, to show a rose to a blind. Children! Learn to do difficult things: take the blind by hand, sing for the deaf, set free slaves who believe themselves free.” ~ Gianni Rodari   „Трудно е, да се правят трудни неща: да говориш с глух, … More Quotes: Gianni Rodari

Quotes: Sanober Khan

  “I am either a storm or a drought. In-betweens have never been my thing.” ~ Sanober Khan   „Аз съм буря или суша, нещо междинно никога не е било моята сила!“ ~ Санобър Кан